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Let Food Be Thy Medicine, and Medicine be Thy Food ~Hippocrates

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We’ve all heard this quote and it is very relevant today, but how do we let food work as our medicine, rather than a dose of pills? We are here to assist you in all areas of whole food plant-based food preparation and enjoying foods that are not just good for your physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being, but that are also fun to prepare, and very entertaining to share with friends and loved ones.


I specialize in helping you to focus on self-care, self-love, and inspiring you to pour life into your body, using whole food, so fresh and delicious, away from processed foods. I know you can do it, let me show you how! 

Choose from our Food for Life Classes and Personalized Coaching Program

Your Wellness

I approach each class and coaching session with your wellness in mind, so we are not just talking about what to eat, but also about areas in your life that contribute to your overall wellbeing and quality of life. 

Creating healthier communities is about working together, so you are not alone on your journey. As you take the courses I offer, you will become empowered, and enlightened about the information and tools you can use to better understand your nutrition intake and the impact it has on your mind, body and soul. 

I absolutely love gardening and I can't wait to share the various ways you can consider taking control of your food sources by growing your own food. Gardening is so therapeutic, you'll see!

Whole Food

As a certified Food For Life instructor, I will show you how to use a whole food plant-based lifestyle without losing the joy of eating, and together we will discover the answer to a joyful, healthier lifestyle, are you ready?


Let’s get into the kitchen, where we will prepare foods that make you thrive, and not merely survive the day. I am eager to show you ways to prepare food that are simple, using step-by-step instructions, and ingredients I have all tried myself, and produce which you may even find in my own backyard. Let’s get rid of poor eating habits and create memorable cooking sessions together.


Now is your time to make food work for you!

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