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Present your favorite teapot and tea cups on these intricately detailed laser cut wooden hibiscus themed placemats, and create an elegant setting, anytime. With an ornate design that invokes the beauty and love represented by hibiscus flowers, each heat-resistant placemat makes an appealing centerpiece and a great gift anytime, for any occasion.


  • Our hand-made placemats are made of durable, wood
  • Each placemat is carefully designed to be heat-resistant
  • Placemats provide stability for teapots and tea cups
  • Everything, including the backing is made of pure wood, and treated for durability and longevity.


Hibiscus themed placemats are made to order and can be delivered within 14-20 days from the time your order is received.



  • 17” x 11.33”
  • Made in the USA


Return Policy:

At Hibiscus & Whole Food, we take great pride in the quality and craftsmanship of our products. We pay attention to, and prioritize the design, materials, safety and construction of all products we offer. Since our products are made to order, we cannot cancel one the order is placed and all sales are final, non-refundable.

Hibiscus Placemat | Laser cut Wood

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