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Personalized Coaching

One-on-one personalized coaching for your health journey.

Personalized Services


3-Month Plantbased Lifestyle Coaching

12 weeks of Lifestyle Coaching with your health and wellness in mind!

$1,050 or 3 installments of $350/month

You want to make changes to your health and wellness by changing your lifestyle, but you need individual support. As your personal health coach, my goal is to help you prevent, stop or reverse serious health issues and begin to heal yourself. While eating plant-based foods may be the ideal starting point, it takes more than just diet to be successful. I know that a healthy lifestyle seem so far off, but I am here to show you how it is within reach especially when you have me as your personal guide by your side.
I offer a one-on-one plant-based lifestyle coaching program that will help you learn not only how to survive and beat the odds but how to thrive as you begin to use whole foods and plant-based nutrition as your medicine. I tailor my Hibiscus Health Coaching program to meet you where you are to help you reach your goals, and look forward to offering you the support, strategies and tools to help you improve your health.

Sessions are held on Thursdays each week, and last 1.5 hours to include:

  • 1-on-1 sessions each week

  • Lifestyle & Dietary Assessment

  • Nutritional Recommendations Towards Your Goals

  • Tools to Track Your Progress

I will help you set goals and support you as you make the changes to your diet and lifestyle needed to improve your health and life. We will start where you are today, and move toward a better diet (encouraging greens), more energy, and less disease. I am excited that you are on my site, and look forward to help you be successful in your journey. 

My one-on-one plant-based nutrition and lifestyle coaching program is the perfect choice for individuals who…

  • Seek personalized guidance and recommendations

  • Want ongoing support and encouragement

  • Value flexibility in scheduling and program adaptation

  • Need targeted assistance in overcoming specific challenges

  • Aim for faster and sustainable progress

  • Desire empowerment and confidence in their health journey


What you can expect:

  • Our program includes a one - time extensive and detailed 90-minute lifestyle consultation with an in-depth analysis of your current health.

  • A review of your goals with customized plan 

  • A guide to help you create tasty, simple meal plans to fit your budget.

  • Access to evidence-based and real world resources, recipes and tools to navigate and address steps for a healthier lifestyle and challenges you may face.

  • Weekly 60 minute Zoom calls to discuss your progress, review your cooking strategies, kitchen tools that may help you in preparing the meals suggested, discuss nutrition labels, and the importance of knowing your ingredients.

  • One 15 minute phone call per week to check-in as needed

  • Unlimited email support between sessions 

  • Encouragement, education, support, and motivation throughout your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

With a personal plant-based nutrition coach, educator certified Food for Life Instructor by your side, you’ll have dedicated support to make lasting changes and take control of your health and wellness.

Are you ready?

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